Attack On Titan Chapter 137 sub English – Today, February 9th, Attack on Titan Chapter 137 has been published. Let’s translate Attack on Titan Chapter 137 from English. The moment that titan mania manga fans have been waiting for.

In the previous chapter, the Survey Corpss, namely Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Jean, Connie, and Reiner, attempted to tackle and stop Eren from rumbling.

The attack on Titan season 4 chapter 137 manga sub english is indeed much sought after by netizens. Because the contents are very interesting.

Armin and Jean discuss the meaning of life on the road, Zake argues that humans are born into this world to live, then have households and have children.

That doesn’t mean however, the leaves that Zeke sees as a base ball from his mind. Also appeared about the catch ball game played by sasa and eren. Which in the end made Zeke realize that life is not just for reproduction.

Then the titan heirs appeared, TOM, GRISHA, KRUGER, YMIR, MARSHEL, and PORKO.

Long story short, the alliance battle against the predecessor titan still continues, the fix has lost its human hands, meaning that it can’t change. But assisted by jean and reine. all arrows and swords stuck in his body.

Long story short, Levi shot the Titan and hit his eye target, then Miko acted and ended it with a punch and saved Armin.

Jean became a hero for sacrificing himself and said his last before dying beheaded like this “how beautiful it is to die that day” and beheaded by his mortal enemy.

This chapter ends with an explosion, what explosion is that, still curious ??

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